We all need someone to advocate for us if and when we become disabled. In times of crisis, each of us needs a trusted advocate who can:

  • Make health care decisions
  • Protect and manage our assets
  • Fight for our rights to receive proper care that reflects our personal, individual values

For many of us, that someone could be a close family member. However, we may find that this family member is not the most suitable for this advocacy role. Perhaps they live too far away, or they don’t have the necessary time or expertise. Perhaps an independent advocate would best serve your unique situation.

And for those without natural, surrogate support systems to respond to a health crisis, an outside party must step in to represent your interests.

That’s where Scout comes in.

We stand ready to serve as the independent, professional advocate for incapacitated adults in Indiana.

We offer two categories of services to adults in Indiana
(depending upon whether they are already incapacitated or are just planning for the future possibility of incapacity)

Our Services

Pathfinder Guardianship Services for Incapacitated Adults

We stand ready to serve in the role of court-appointed guardian for incapacitated adults. Scout offers a professional model of advocacy services that exercises sound judgment for the benefit of our clients, utilizing a high level of interdisciplinary expertise, exhibiting trustworthiness and integrity in the progress, and doing all of this in an appropriately transparent fashion. While family members may be the best guardian in some circumstances, Scout offers an alternative when circumstances make it difficult or impossible for a family member to serve.

Cavalry Advocacy Services for Those Planning Ahead

Some adults do not have a natural advocate – such as a spouse, adult child, or reliable friend – who is ready or able to serve in times of health crises. For such adults who wish to plan ahead, we are named as stand-by health care representative and power of attorney. These are tools that are only activated at the request of a client or in cases where the client is later determined to be incapacitated. These tools allow our clients to “call in the cavalry” to meet their needs.

While these are indeed stand-by services, we include regular check-ins to allow us to get to know our clients. This allows us to better understand your goals, preferences, and values so we can hit the ground running when and if we are needed.

Additional Services


Scout is available to serve as trustee of special needs or other trusts. Some trust agreements require a professional trustee, however, most banks will refuse to serve as trustee unless the trust owns at least one million dollars in assets.

Scout is able to serve as trustee for trusts with as little as $50,000, depending on the circumstances.

Guardian ad litem

Scout may be appointed as guardian ad litem in a contested guardianship matter. A guardian ad litem is appointed by consent of the parties or through a court order. As guardian ad litem, Scout will investigate the need for guardianship and follow the instructions given by the court.

Personal Representative of Probate Estates

A team leader at Scout may be individually appointed as personal representative of a deceased person’s estate under Indiana law. Scout can support that team leader’s role with our expertise in fiduciary management to ensure that the estate is processed promptly and efficiently for the benefit of the estate’s heir and creditors.