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Fiduciary Officer (Part Time / Flex Time)

Scout Guardianship Services, Inc. (“Scout”) provides professional fiduciary representation, including guardianship, power of attorney, and healthcare representative services. To learn more about our company please visit our website: www.scoutguardianship.com.  Scout is seeking to hire a Fiduciary Officer, working part time under the supervision of the Team Leaders, to manage our clients’ financial and business affairs.

The ideal candidate is a natural “problem solver” who will be able to work in a team environment, work independently, and have a desire to serve the elder population.

The general duties of the Fiduciary Officer include:

  • Simple QuickBooks management of accounts, including managing accounts payable and accounts receivable for client accounts. This would involve a discerning eye with respect to the validity of bills presented for payment.
  • General managing of client properties. This would include regular property checks, arranging and monitoring vendors for needed property maintenance, including lawn maintenance, securing and paying property insurance, monitoring and paying property taxes.
  • Arranging for purchase and delivery of various goods and services to clients.
  • Keeping track of all forms of insurance for the client, ensuring premiums are paid and coverage is appropriate.
  • Preparing Inventories and Accountings for court filings on prescribed formats.
  • Maintaining financial files relating to the client.
  • Maintaining accurate data on proprietary Excel spreadsheets used for managing client finances.
  • Keeping track of financial records for tax return preparation.
  • Communicate with CPAs for purposes of tax return preparations.
  • Communicate with CFPs for purposes of investment planning.
  • Working with Team Leaders to ensure all client needs are met.

The candidate must possess the following skills:

  • Excellent organizational skills;
  • Able to work independently and stay on top of tasks without being reminded;
  • Professional demeanor;
  • Desire to serve the elderly population;
  • Proficiency with computers (preferably Macintosh);
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office products, including Excel;
  • Proficiency with QuickBooks;
  • Desire to gain more skill and responsibility;
  • Ability to multi-task;
  • Ability to prioritize tasks.

Our office is located in downtown Indianapolis. Candidates must have a vehicle.

Please send resumes to Sara McClammer: sara@scoutguardianship.com.

About Sara McClammer

Sara McClammer, Founder & Team Leader at Scout Guardianship Services, is a Nationally Certified Guardian and is a partner at the law firm of Bennett & McClammer where her practice focuses on guardianship and elder law issues.

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